Happy New Year – Year of Change

We are 4 days into the New Year and with each New Year there’s new things to come about.  New Year’s resolutions are usually in full effect by now and I am hoping that many of you have been sticking to them. I personally do not set New Year’s Resolutions but instead try to focus on things that I may change in my life or implement.  You might consider them as resolutions but I try not to. Many resolutions are broken and then we are left with nothing.  This is one of the reasons why I call them “Changes.”  You can implement “changes” in your life and if you don’t stick with it, oh well, you just move on to the next change, or you simply continue to make that change happen until it does.  Changes can also be considered as “goals” you set for yourself.  You might have a “goal” to run a 5K,   to get organized, to spend more time with family or to just learn to relax and enjoy life.  Whatever it is, it’s a goal and it is there for you to achieve no matter whether you fall off from it or continue it from this point on.  So let’s get out there and reach our goals!!! Sky’s the limit.

My motto has always been: “If you shot for the moon, you will land amongst the stars.”

Tip of the day: Add avocado to your diet.  It provides tons of nutrients and flavor to your meals.  It is a super fruit that can be used in so many ways and provides healthy fats to any meal and it can even aid in restoring moisture in dry skin if used as a mask. Why not give it a try?



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